Our professional machine cut edging precedes any mulch installation, whether we are creating a new garden bed design or providing maintenance to existing beds. Deep cut landscape edging where the beds meet turf and thoroughly excavating along walkways and driveways help keep bed lines sharp and mulch in place.

We can typically either touch up existing bed edges or cut them in to more clearly define the beds in a 3″ or 6″ depth.

We do different types of edging for different purposes.

6” Edges This garden edging creates a deep area to contain mulch for a long lasting effect and is great for new garden beds that need a groomed, deep cavern to keep mulch in place.

3” Edges This lawn edging is perfect to redefine the edges of your garden beds and allows for easy edge trimming by the homeowner.

Compass Cut Circles We can compass cut edging rings in a perfect circle around your trees creating a cavity around the mulch to aid in water retention and keep turf from encroaching into the circle.

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