Professional mulch installation is like spreading the icing on the cake. Mulch Masters provides expert preparation and careful application using the finest mulching products available. You will find that nothing creates as much instant curb appeal as our perfected mulch installations. We offer mulch installation on a one-time basis, such as before a special event or to boost curb appeal when preparing a property for sale; or on an annual, 18 month or biennial rotation.

Our expert crew will ensure that all plants are inspected, trimmed and pruned as needed. We will also install plantings if you have new plants to incorporate into your landscape. At the time of our visit, foundations, slopes and other critical factors are analyzed and addressed. Downspout extensions are securely installed to divert rainwater away from the house, beyond our machine cut redefined edges and 2-3 inches of evenly spread mulch. So sit back, relax and let us do the heavy work. We do everything we can to extend the life of your mulch installation.

Our product of choice is “EverBrown” dyed brown mulch.  It is a natural double shredded hardwood mulch that is tumbled through an environmentally friendly brown dye.  It offers excellent color retention and is significantly slower to decompose than an undyed wood mulch.  For more information on our mulch please visit our supplier’s website, Wirtz and Daughters

Stone Stone mulch is perfect for water runoff, high traffic areas next to driveways and mailboxes, or under decks. We also create dry river beds and use stone for edging.

Rubber Mulch Rubber mulch is perfect playground mulch whether it’s in your backyard or a park. Rubber mulch can also be used in landscaping as a durable, eco-friendly alternative mulch.

Stop the endless trips to the garden center for bags and bags; forget that mountain of mulch taking up space in your driveway; forget the fly-by-nighters who talk mulch and just throw it at your beds. Call the only true professionals, Mulch Masters, and get instant gratification. Call 410-529-6200 today for all of your mulching and landscape maintenance needs.
for All of Your Mulching and Landscape Maintenance Needs.